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Digital Transformation

Data as a strategic asset

Data-driven Digital Transformations

Data Culture

In a data culture, the effectiveness of an entire organization can improve

And when you combine the right data capabilities with a data culture, you can identify your unique potential – opportunities to better anticipate and serve your customers, transform your products, empower employees and optimize your operations better than your peers.

The key characteristics of a data culture include:

  • Democratizing access to data in a responsible fashion to enable transparency across the organization
  • Empowering and encouraging employees to make impact-oriented decisions based on data, not on established routines
  • Nurturing a growth-mindset environment, of continually learning, experimenting, and iterating…

These are the foundational elements of a data culture, and things that we’re observing in our own organization as we continue our digital transformation journey….

Putting it all together with Azure

digital transformation

  • Data Modernization – often the first step for a any successful digital transformation. Azure delivers a robust portfolio of operational databases that support all your structured and unstructured data needs.
  • Cloud Native Apps – while many of our customers are migrating and modernizing existing applications, we also see fantastic momentum for building net new applications that are Cloud Native. Ultra low latency at any scale with Azure Cosmos DB.
  • Analytics and Insights – As the volume, variety and velocity of data continue to grow, so too does the need to get timely insights.. No other cloud analytics service comes close to Azure Synapse Analytics’ price-performance. Not AWS Redshift, Snowflake or GCP BigQuery. Power BI delivers impactful insights through stunning visualizations. The combination of Azure Synapse and PBI is simply unmatched in the market and according to Forrester’s Total Economic Impact study, can deliver a 271% ROI over a 3 year period.
  • Data Science – strong data and analytics foundation unlocks the potential of data science and machine learning. Empower your teams with the most advanced machine learning capabilities to build responsible AI solutions on their terms. Looking for a Spark-based machine learning solution, the combination of Azure Databricks and Azure Machine Learning allows data science teams to turbocharge machine learning on big data.
  • Data governance – is top of mind for most business leaders today. Only when you have a complete understanding of your data – and what kind of data it is – so you can set appropriate policies, at scale – are you able to empower employees in your organization to use your data effectively.