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Managing Breadth of Data

In today’s retail landscape of swelling customer expectations, smart use of data can help you out perform your competitors. Customer analytics in retail can address key scenarios that retailers face on a daily basis and want flexible solutions to help solve challenges.


  • Personalized & Seamless Customer Experiences across Channels
  • Predict what Customers want & define Next Best Actions
  • More accurately integrate customer preferences with store inventory and assortments

Three components solve these challenges

Enable all users to gain actionable insights from virtually any data, including insights previously hidden in unstructured data. When thinking about new work scenarios, think about the following three components:

  • The cloud that enables retailers to cost-effectively store large amounts of data, easily access that data across devices, and scale according to need.
  • Predictive and self-service data analytics through the cloud—that enable automated predictive models for machine learning and self-service BI tools that any end user can use to discover information.
  • Collaborative tools that enable users to easily share information across teams and the company that can be used to enhance decision-making.

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Our Partner Services

We deliver dynamic and agile solutions that support your business today and into the future, with a scalable platform that empowers all Employees.

Our solutions help you:

  • Enable communication across entire organization
  • Empower your teams with tools to handle daily activities
  • Increase agility in responding to customers and market changes
  • Enable all staff to share ideas and increase engagement

Our Cognitive & ML solutions learns, predicts, and engages at a personal level

  • Predict what customers want before they tell you
  • Cognitively engage with customers at the right time, right place with the right offers
  • Personalize the customer experience across channels
  • Improve loyalty, "share of wallet" through hyper-local assortments and inventory