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Customer Sentiment Analysis using Power BI & Python

Text Analytics

The Customer Sentiment Analysis demo provides the end user the ability to gain insights into customer sentiment, Net Promoter Score (NPS), based on specific support emails topics (i.e., Product Info., Tech Support, Repair Request, etc.). The source emails are rendered from Exchange Server, parsed and transformed, prior to loading in destination database table. The inbound email messages stored in the table are then processed by a service which applies the sentiment analysis algorithm, developed using Python. The resultant data is then available through Power BI, or any data visualization tool of your choice.


The Customer Sentiment Analysis tool may be extended to perform additional enhanced insights or algorithms to exclude spam emails, for example.

Report Navigation

  • Hover over the WordCloud to see counts, or click to filter
  • Select filters by clicking available options
  • Click the bottom > to navigate to page 2
  • Full-Screen mode: click bottom right ⤢ diagonal glyph

Check back for new Power BI Customer Sentiment Analysis features and functionality.

Customer Sentiment Analysis

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