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Speech API

Speech Recognition and Translation API recognizes inbound audio from a microphone, or alternative real-time audio sources. Additionally, pre-recorded speech audio files may be uploaded and is then translated to text of desired language.

Speech recognition has plenty of useful purposes, for example: first aid responder assistance with foreign speakers, speech transcription, general communication between business to customers, patient to health professionals, and so much more.


  • Language: Select desired source language.
  • Format: Select Speech Recognizer output format.
  • Input: Select what type of input to use (microphone, file, stream).
  • Speech Translation: Click and allow use of microphone if prompted. Begin to speak.
  • STOP Translation: Click to stop speech translation recording.
  • To Language: Select the desired language for text translation and voice output.
  • Voice Output: Check to render voice of the translated text in the target language. Remember to enable local microphone and speaker, prior to executing.

Check back for new Speech Translator features and functionality.

Speech Translator

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