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Multi-language Detection & Textual Translation Demo

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Translator Text API allows you to integrate multi-language text translation to your websites, components, applications and other solutions, enabling your content to reach a global audience. It provides detection support for more than 60 languages and may be used on multi-platform environments. For this demo, Text Translator leverages Azure Cognitive Services API collection of machine learning and AI algorithms. We also provide text translation solutions using both Python and R environments.

Text Translator translates a text block string from one language to another. The languages are selected from a dropdown control. The source language may optionally be automatically detected by using default value "Detect", or by manually selecting a language from the dropdown. Once executing the Translate button, the text of the translation is displayed. English text is spell-checked and corrected in both the "Text to Translate" and "Text Translation" result viewers, during text translation process.


  • Select source language and translate to language, or simply use defaults
  • Enter a word or sentence in the Text to Translate textbox
  • You may leave typos to execute auto spell correction, or right click red squiggly to select corrective options
  • Click Translate button to execute
  • Click Clear button to clear content

Text Translator

Text to Translate

Text Translation

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