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Azure Cognitive Services Vision SDK Demo

Vision Analysis

The cognitive services demo on this page provides rendering for both face detection and visual analysis, though the solution may be extended to perform additional analysis for: identity, real-time video analysis, search and face grouping, for example.

Face Detection Details

  • Facial detection
  • Facial feature prediction
  • Attributes: Age, Emotion, Gender, Makeup, Smile, and more
  • Other accessories (e.g., glasses)

Visual Analysis

  • Description of visual content
  • Tagging to identify and label content
  • Detect potential adult content
  • Identify image types and color schemes

Image Navigation

  • Click the glyph < for left and > for right
  • Click on the image to execute the vision analysis
  • Upload your own image for analysis

Check back for new Vision Analysis features and functionality.

Face Detection and Image Analysis


Upload your own image.

(.jpg, .png, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp)

Disclaimer: Uploaded files are neither saved, stored or shared.

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